iMatter for Kids Summer Leadership Camp


iMatter for Kids Summer Leadership Camp

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Summer Camp Details

Every day, our children face thousands of choices – what to eat, what to wear, what to watch, how to behave, who to hang out with. There literally are too many choices. Studies show that the human brain can only effectively handle 7-12 choices at a time. When faced with all this input, children lose focus. They don’t know how to prioritize these choices. It becomes challenging to sift through all the distractions. This leads to confusion about where boundaries are, what to think and do, how to behave and how the child views him or herself. When there is self-doubt, there is fear and lack of security.  In all the muddle lies unhappiness.  If children are given a guidepost, something that grounds them, gives them security, and helps them to focus and prioritize, life becomes less challenging and more enjoyable.  

iMatter for Kids provides this guidepost. Its aim is to ground children in what matters most, creating a safe space that allows them to stand for who they are and what they believe. Exploring personal beliefs in a non-threatening and fun environment brings the child to discover their core values, and gives them permission to behave consistent with these beliefs. They learn that they can ask for help and express their own needs. They learn to take initiative, accepting personal responsibility for their behavior and thoughts and demonstrating the self-assurance that makes them leaders.  

What is so valuable about iMatter for Kids is that it involves not only discussion but practice. It provides each student with tools, tactics and the mindset to implement what they believe. They learn to walk the walk with confidence. Experience turns into implementation so that the students treat themselves and their world differently.



iMatter for Kids is an entrepreneurial leadership program that empowers Elementary students, and middle schoolers in the following ways:

  • Leadership skills, initiative, effective communication
  • Positive attitude, goal setting
  • Discovery and development of talents, strengths and internal motivators


Students entering the 3rd through 8th grade

  • 3rd-5th grade mentees  (15-20)
  • 6th-8th grade mentors   (5-10)
  • Erica Kohler, certified teacher and facilitator
  • iMatter for Kids team      (3-4 adults)



Summer camp meets Monday through Friday, from 9am-noon.  We have a 10 session program, and run two sessions per day.  The campers are put into groups of 3-5 mentors and mentees. They will be in these groups for the week, playing games, doing craft projects, and doing team building activities. Each camper will have the opportunity to present their individual or group projects, performances, crafts, etc. to the larger group in a safe and supportive environment.



Explanation of activity/topic #1 for the day
Games, discussion and activity to reinforce topic


Large group game and snack


Second activity/topic for the day
Games, discussion and activity to reinforce topic


Students will break into groups, elementary campers paired with middle school fun leaders. Activities will encourage deeper thinking on the topic and give leaders the opportunity to plan and lead younger students in games and topics centered on success and leadership.  Each lesson includes a fun, interactive project or exercise, verbal discussion and reflection, topics include:

  • Team/Trust Building activities
  • Positive Attitude
  • Strengths and Talents
  • Responsibility and Leadership
  • Clarifying Personal Values
  • Gratitude
  • Community Service Project
  • Taking Risks 
  • Goal Setting