The Gratitude Flip



My parents were amazing at having a positive attitude, and they just naturally, or learned amazingly well, how to flip a perceptually negative situation into a positive. So not only did they deal with the negative situation, they flipped it to a gratitude.

I'm stuck in traffic in rush hour today, and it’s very frustrating. I flipped it to say I'm grateful I was prepared and left early. I'm grateful I'm not rushing. I'm grateful I don't deal with rush hour everyday. I'm grateful I'm not in an accident. And as I'm grateful, I smile, and I'm appreciative and sure enough, traffic clears up. Thank you, mom and dad, for teaching me to have a positive attitude. I'm grateful I'm learning how to Flip It into creating a positive attitude.

A couple times in the last couple weeks, my daughter has had two cancellations for a sleepover. A) Don’t take it personally and forgive them. B) Think about what you want to do. C) Take action and enjoy it.

This is the iMatter process - think, do, be. Flipping it is much better than flipping out.

I'm Coach Bob.
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