The Weather



The Winter here in Michigan has been extremely cold, with lots of snow.  It can be very frustrating and yet, it is what it is.  I definitely like to attempt to see things in the positive, so here we go.

The extreme cold has helped me to appreciate not having to go anywhere or having to always be prepared.  It has allowed me to enjoy the beauty of the sun shining off the snow, and listening to the amazing sounds of cracking as I step on the ice that's all over my driveway and sidewalk.  It makes the approach of Spring that much more brilliant and magical and juicy.  It helps me appreciate the seasons. It makes us tougher and more courageous to go out and venture forth.  

If I can handle this cold, I can handle jumping in the cold ocean when I’m on vacation, and taking advantage of the opportunity to play with my family, and appreciate the salt going up my nose.

If it is that cold and that unbearable, then maybe it’s time to move out of state.  Yet our negative attitude is not going to make it warmer.  In fact, flipping it to a positive attitude does make it warmer. I find flipping it not only helps me to deal with things, it helps me to create a relationship with them and grow with them.  At the end of the day, I'm thrilled to be right where I'm at.  Yes, it's bitter outside, and that cold air blasting at my face will help me to realize I am alive and well today.