I believe a key to life is being unique, being authentic.  Dan Sullivan, a great teacher and mentor, teaches the thought of unique ability: to be in a state that gives me energy, and allows me to give energy when I'm in it.  I'm in the zone, I'm doing something that I am great at and that I love.  It almost seems effortless.  In the Will books, we talked about the great gift as something that I've brought into this world to learn, and to teach, and to share.  My great friend, John Anderson, has coined the term “unique contribution”.  I believe this blends the unique ability and the great gift.  So what is it that I am bringing to the world?  It's a meaningful legacy.  My unique ability, my great gift, helps me to create my legacy.  My unique contribution is living my legacy and making a huge difference in the world.  Thank you to all of the great teachers who have contributed so much to me. I have only just begun to understand the creativity, and the joy, and the purposefulness in being unique, and having the courage to learn it, and teach it and share it with others.