Curse or Blessing?

Curse or blessing?  Which do you choose?  Which do I choose?  The other day, someone commented to me that they've had enough perceived bad luck lately, and that it almost seemed like there was a curse. When are things going to go right?   It got me thinking.  Recently, as often happens in life, there have been a few frustrating events.  My daughter didn't get a part in the play that she thought she would, I broke my hand, and we didn't get an account I thought we were going to get.

Positive World View

Marianne Williamson states, we can choose our world view.  If my world view is negative and that things are not going to work out, that's what is going to happen.  If my world view is positive, and I have faith to know things are going to work out, then they usually do.  The universe will prove us right.  What I put out, I get back.  It's a giant copy machine.  It's like a boomerang.  I put out that positive energy, that gratitude, that faith, that things are going to work out.