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Saying Goodbye



I heard a song a few weeks back that said something like “saying goodbye is a second chance.”  It really made me think as my life is changing, as everyone's life is changing.  We call it change, but it is a chance – a chance to grow, evolve, transform – hopefully for the better.  I've had been afraid to say goodbye as my parents are getting older, to say goodbye as my children are they pass milestones in their life, to say goodbye to an old way of life. Maybe to say goodbye and appreciate those people and those evolutions and those times to transform can be done gracefully.  As I do that, it really is a second chance to be a great son, to be a great father, to be a great husband, to be a great leader, to be a great person. Some even say it's the end of the world as we know it.  At the end of 2012, the Mayans predicted thousands of years ago that life as we know it would end. I do believe life as we know it is ending, and it's okay to say goodbye. That doesn't mean humans will be extinct. That means the old way of being is becoming extinct. I appreciate the past and can see the possibilities of the future.


Last week I did say goodbye to my dad.  His life did end.  I wasn’t afraid and I because of him I have grown, evolved and transformed into who iM.  I know he is always with me – to remind me who iM.  So grateful for the opportunity to be his son.  For him to be my dad.  It is the closing moment of life as I have known it with him but only the beginning of him living on through me.  Saying goodbye really is a second chance.

New blog



As I continue to do my daily check-in, I realize many of my years and frustrations and things that bring me down are small, mundane, day to day things.  So there are things I don't want to do, I'm not good at, that might be hard or there might beconflict.  As I check in and realize it may not be as bad as I think, and what can I truly get done today to move forward in that issue or that dread, take it bite size, not out a few big things -- few little things, maybe it won't be as bad as I thought.  Maybe I can knock it out sooner than I thought.  Maybe it'll be great.  Maybe I'll learn something.  Maybe I'll prove to myself in the universe I learn something and be an example, a leader for others to follow.

So today I begin with one of those things – blogging.  It gets me down to have thoughts and words but I don’t get them out so it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Today, I will take it in bite size portions and welcome the opportunity to lead…to learn…to share. Here’s to a new day – and a new blog.

Peace, Bob