Making Time



One thing that everybody has is the same amount of time.  It doesn't matter how successful, how much money, how peaceful, how busy we are - we all have the same amount of time.  Often, time can be a big sense of anxiety in life.  "I don't have time."  "When I get time..." "I wish I had more time."  “Just give it time.”

One thing that I've found to perceptually create a little more time and a little less anxiety is to check in and realize what matters most - clarify who I am and look at and follow my North star.  Then, I write it down, share it, and live it.  Doing this literally gives me a sense of having a little bit more time.  It's not about checking off 30 of the 50 to-do's of the day and being stressed about the 20 I didn't get done.  I'm picking my top three action items that fit around what matters most.  I prioritize and knock those out.  The rest of the day is almost like a free day.  I've knocked out the big things and feel good about the other things.  If I get these three important things done, I've had a great day.  Why wouldn't you want to knock those three things out and have a great day?  (And by the way, you probably DO get 30 of those 50 other to-do's done and won't be stressed about the ones didn't get checked off.)

I know I can't create actual time but I know I can take the pressure off it.  Utilize, maximize, and leverage your time.  You'll be glad you took the time to make time.