New blog



As I continue to do my daily check-in, I realize many of my years and frustrations and things that bring me down are small, mundane, day to day things.  So there are things I don't want to do, I'm not good at, that might be hard or there might beconflict.  As I check in and realize it may not be as bad as I think, and what can I truly get done today to move forward in that issue or that dread, take it bite size, not out a few big things -- few little things, maybe it won't be as bad as I thought.  Maybe I can knock it out sooner than I thought.  Maybe it'll be great.  Maybe I'll learn something.  Maybe I'll prove to myself in the universe I learn something and be an example, a leader for others to follow.

So today I begin with one of those things – blogging.  It gets me down to have thoughts and words but I don’t get them out so it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Today, I will take it in bite size portions and welcome the opportunity to lead…to learn…to share. Here’s to a new day – and a new blog.

Peace, Bob