Burning Question

The Burning Question



It is all too easy in life to forget that every anger, fear and frustration is a learning opportunity, the struggle many times is to identify what really is the anger, fear or frustration. Often times in my life I have found myself to be my own bottleneck in life and/or business, which is often a frustration for me. In accordance with our Rules of Engagement I am then able to take the next steps of asking for help, asking for what I want and giving permission to be reminded when I stray off track. This helps me to eliminate the bottleneck, free the flow of energy, information and communication, that helps me achieve success… whatever that means individually for me and as a part of my teams.

A cool tool is “What is My Burning Question?” If I could ask the universe one question to eliminate a bottleneck, what would that question entail? I take time to think and ask questions, I do a 5 Minute Check In to determine where I am right now. Then I ask the universe, “What is the most efficient way for me to get through the perceived gap in money over the next 60 days?” “What is the most efficient and effective way to find an assistant for me to help sell the iMatter opportunity?” “What is the prototypical iMatter client’s business look like and what does it need from me?”

To state that question and define it and make it a true question allows us to ask our tribe, ask people we know, put it on the social media network or even just own the thought and the question. It is truly amazing how often a solution we may have never thought of comes… and it generally comes pretty quickly. Learning from and moving through the Burning Question to eliminate the bottleneck is a tremendous asset for all individuals.