Flipping Failure



Part of the Flip It mindset is to rework our concept about failure.  It is amazing how often I feel like I have failed.  I had a vision.  I had an idea.  I often had support and encouragement for the idea.  Many of these visions included money and sustainability.  Throughout my career, I estimate I’ve had 20 to 30 flaming failures, or so I’ve thought. 
Then I thought about the example of Babe Ruth.  There are so many quotes associated with his positive mindset.  His unflinching belief that each strike was not a failure but one step closer to the next home run.  His faith in this law of averages helped propel him into the Baseball Hall of Fame and a career home run record for Major League Baseball.  I love this idea.  So if Babe Ruth hit a home run one of out 11 times that he came up to the plate, he celebrated each of those 10 strikes as being one step closer to his next home run. 
He is also often quoted as saying, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from coming up to bat.”  People marveled at his confidence, and even chided him for it.  He was often dumbfounded when people doubted his predictions of home runs.  When asked if he was worried about his predictions being wrong he stated that he never gave these doubts a thought.  I love the perseverance and attitude these anecdotes about Babe Ruth express.  
Recently I had, what I initially perceived as a failure, but I’m flipping it.  That was a step not a failure.  A step closer to my next home run.  With persistence, a positive attitude, self-knowledge, and the ability to expedite my own drama, I am that much closer to my next success.  I am flipping that fear, taking a deep breath and smiling.  Fear can be paralyzing unless we flip it.  Flipping it can be transformational and allow me to be exponentially more productive and that much happier.

Bob Shenefelt
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