Flip the Fear



As I’ve focused and committed to personal growth over the last 20 years, it’s been an amazing ride.  I found a process that helps me to flip fear.  I am growing and changing and things I once feared, no longer bother me.  
The frustration is that new fears creep up.  The good news is that the fears I am now encountering are new, different fears.  I am not stuck in my past fears, but I still have fear in my life.  
I can’t eradicate fear from my existence, I don’t think we humans can.  We are drama machines.  Fear is a part of our lives. Often though, they are even bigger in scope and intensity.  This can be disheartening.
If fear is unavoidable I have two choices.  I can either give up or choose to flip it.  I can can expedite the drama.  I can flip the fear.  I can use the fear as an inspiration.
One of my dreads about facing the fear and flipping the fear, is do I have the energy for the fight against the thing that I am fearing?  The big flip here is that it isn’t a fight. 
I can embrace it.  I can embrace each fear.  I realize what matters most.  I can clarify who I am and follow my North Star by working through these fears. 
Take a deep breath.  It is a lot less daunting when I realize big fears aren’t a fight.  Maybe they are opportunities.  We can use the adversity to transform exponentially to the next level. 
It is a great time to be alive. 

Bob Schenefelt

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