Flip It To Thrive



I find human nature, at least my nature, often starts with the negative.  As a form of self-protection, I focus on what could go wrong.  Using the iMatter tools, tactics, and mindset, I’ve been able to flip this more and more. 
When I am able to recognize that I am going into survival mode and that my fear is just trying to protect me, I am able to let it go.  I can find the strength I need to be positive rather than negative. 
For 20 years, I was in survival mode and worked so hard to make sure that nothing would go wrong.  This worry didn’t prevent bad things from happening, but it did in many ways delay good things from beginning. 
If I flip those negative thoughts and fears,  I can start new projects, new dreams, new goals.  I am no longer just trying to survive, I am learning to thrive.
It is a great time to be alive.

Bob Shenefelt
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