Creating Safe Space



At iMatter, we talk a lot about creating great relationships.  And how do we do that.  Creating safe space is one of the Rules Of Engagement.

Creating a safe space is so many things, and one of the simplest explanations that changed my life was one of my first business partners, the amazing Verne Harnish. I called him one day and he's busy, but he still took my call.  I rambled for a bit, and I definitely was frustrated, and I said, Verne, I'm not really sure I know why I called you, and I'm not even sure if I know what I want from you.  What I heard him say was, you needed someone you trust to hear yourself think.  Brilliant!  

I don't know if Verne realized that or not, but Verne taught that to me, and that's what safe space is about.  Trusting someone enough, having faith, and being shown that this person is worthy of your trust to keep it confidential.  To not judge others.  To allow the person to share himself or herself by waiting for them to speak, that’s amazing.  Thank you, Verne.  

I'm Coach Bob.
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