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As I continue to do my daily check-in, I realize many of my years and frustrations and things that bring me down are small, mundane, day to day things.  So there are things I don't want to do, I'm not good at, that might be hard or there might beconflict.  As I check in and realize it may not be as bad as I think, and what can I truly get done today to move forward in that issue or that dread, take it bite size, not out a few big things -- few little things, maybe it won't be as bad as I thought.  Maybe I can knock it out sooner than I thought.  Maybe it'll be great.  Maybe I'll learn something.  Maybe I'll prove to myself in the universe I learn something and be an example, a leader for others to follow.

So today I begin with one of those things – blogging.  It gets me down to have thoughts and words but I don’t get them out so it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Today, I will take it in bite size portions and welcome the opportunity to lead…to learn…to share. Here’s to a new day – and a new blog.

Peace, Bob

Creating Safe Space: The Key to Effective Communications

A key element in any relationship, personal or professional, is the capability and willingness to communicate openly. But how often do we experience a breakdown in communication because one or more of the participants holds back from fully expressing his or her ideas for fear of offending or fear of pushback? Here is a process you can put in place that enables open communications within all your relationships. We call it Creating Safe Space.

Stress is Stress...

Many of us are familiar with the sources of stress these days - busy schedules, conflicting requirements, personal finances, job demands, personal pet peeves, etc, etc. Additionally, many are equally familiar with the time-tested measures one can use to deal with stress - eat right, get some exercise, make sure you get enough sleep, take time out for yourself, and so many more. All the demands of life, the personal irritants and the advice on how to cope with stress can become overwhelming and paralyzing at some point.

Work-Life Balance: Three Steps to a Harmonious Life

As a vision coach, I work with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them turn their very good, accomplished lives into truly wonderful, fulfilling lives. One of the most frequent complaints I hear from the individuals and groups I work with is that they can’t seem to strike a comfortable work-life balance. An entrepreneur myself, I rode the teeter-totter of work-life balance for years. Then, after intensive study, I realized that this concept of “balance” we’ve been seeking may not really be the Holy Grail, after all.

Gandhi said that, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony,” and he was right. At iMatter, my vision coaching company, we teach that true fulfillment stems from having all things in alignment. We seek harmony rather than balance.

Being an Entrepreneur (Remember, You’re Not Alone)

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It's exciting, of course, but it involves taking risks ... and that can be scary. It's a lot like being a teenager, venturing out on our own, trying things, bucking the rules, creating new systems, following our guts, and yet it can also be lonely. So, much like teenagers, we often look to the only people we know will “understand” – our peers. This is how forums in associations like YEO and YPO came to be -- peer groups, in which we can feel like we're not alone, and get support, and interact with like-minded individuals who can shorten the learning curve. If you don’t already, I encourage you to find a group like this to get things out of your head. As Author Neil Walsh said, “To be sane is to be out of your mind. Get dreams, thoughts, fears out of your head and out of your heart, and share them with people who can share their learning experiences and give you honest, useful feedback.”

The Wind Beneath Our Wings: Revitalizing and Sustaining Relationships

My wife and I are approaching our 40th anniversary, so lately I’ve been reflecting on all the years we spent together. In our first 30 years, we were an active duty Army family. That means we traveled a lot and spent a lot of time apart – a hard way to start a marriage, much less keep it going strong for three decades! If it weren’t for discipline and communication (not to mention, the amazing patience and commitment of my wife), we wouldn’t have such a wonderful milestone to look forward to this year.

I remember experiencing a great revelation one night while dancing with my wife to the Lou Rawls song “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Before the song was through, she told me she enjoyed being the wind beneath my wings as I advanced my career as an Army officer. Those words meant a lot to me – but, at the same time, it occurred to me that our relationship was focusing on my goals and aspirations at the expense of hers.

Welcome to the Wisdom Age

I believe we now reside in the greatest age in the history of humanity: the Wisdom Age.

How did we get here? Well, the hunter killed the animal that fed the farmer … the farmer grew the crops that fed the industrialist … the industrialist made the supplies to enable the technologist … and the technologist has given us access to all the information we could want.

We have a new level of access to information about one another, as we use the Web to merge into global communities based on shared beliefs … communities that transcend governments and physical boundaries.

We have the power to free ourselves from