Today is a Great Day

How do I know that? I am creating it. How do I do that? For me, it's to be present; to be aware, and use the synchronicities that happen in my mind or outside myself. People calling out of nowhere, I'm thinking of someone out of nowhere -- act on it; take a note; make a phone call; send a text; send an e-mail. How do I do that when sometimes I feel stuck? It helps me to flip it to check in -- what is bothering me? Recently, as some fear came up, some anger came up, I realized I was mad at myself. Why have I made all these stupid decisions? Why didn't I do this? Why didn't I do that? I should have done this. I always do that. I never do this. I'm stupid. I let my family down. These are all things that were in my head during the night recently. How do I go from that to making today a great day? Check in. Think about those situations that I was angry or frustrated about. Forgive myself. I did the best I could for where I was at, for the knowledge I had. And think about all the times that I've improved. Think of all the great things I've done, and the people I've affected. Celebrate that. Forgive myself; forgive others. Celebrate what we've done. Do I wish things would have been differently? Yes, but then other things would have been different too. Maybe I wouldn't have met my wife; maybe I wouldn't have had my kids. You know what? I'll take the life I have, and the choices I've made, and I like where I'm at. Today's a great day. I am impacting this moment, those around me, people from my past, people from my future. I choose to be present today; I choose to be me. I am showing up.

I am Coach Bob. 
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