3-3-1 Check-in

The check-in is my weekly look inside. I personally like facilitating my check-in with the assistance of a white board as I’m a visual person. Some people may check-in on their phones, and other people like to write it on paper or use the computer. I answer the same set of questions each week, and then figure out the why behind the answers in the next steps.

The 3-3-1 is my daily check-in and includes:

What are the three things that matter most?
What are my top three action items?
What's my one, if it were up to me?

Then I share it with people around me because any worthy goal truly thought about, written down, and shared is more likely to happen. So even though these people that I'm sharing it with are probably not going to call me and say, did you do your 20 push-ups today? Yet, if I put it out there, if I'm transparent, I'm much more likely to get it done.

Then there is the monthly check-in, the iPlanner.  I check that against my weekly and daily check-in to make sure I stay on track for the month.

The 3-3-1, check-in, and iPlanner are powerful tools in my business that lead to success with less stress. What tools are you using?  

i’M Coach Bob.
Thanks for listening.