School Day Flashback

I had the best summer of my life.  It’s the most freedom I've ever had with three of the people I'd rather be with more than anyone else in the world, my family. 

Now, I have a huge dread about summer rolling into fall and the kids going back to school.  I literally cringe, because I’m losing my freedom and have to go back to work too.

The reality though is that I have to go back to work. I still have to make money.  I can’t continue to act retired.  I can’t take a nap every day and play cards with my family at 10 in the morning.  So, now I need to flip it:

I need to go back and remember why I hated school and sit with the fear, anger and frustrations for a bit. Next, I need to forgive myself and others.  Only then can I share with my kids why school and learning are important.

Thanks for listening.
i’M Coach Bob