Clearing Old Stuff

In relationships, especially those that are deepest, our most important ones, I believe we choose each other. Not only to help each other and because we have things in common and/or don't have things in common. We choose each other to bring up old crap. It's an agreement to a spouse, to a child, to a parent, to a partner. Often relationships get frustrating because these important people care enough and are committed enough to help us grow as individuals and grow in our relationships. But they call out our stuff. They mirror our stuff or trigger our stuff. At the end of the day, it's our stuff, my stuff, not theirs. They had some great revelations recently about how easily I can trigger those who matter most to me and to be aware of that. To know what that trigger is. It's not them trying to hurt us. It's not my stuff. To be aware in the moment, where there is vulnerability for that person who matters most, and to choose to not trigger that and support them. They heal, and I heal. I'm creating a trigger that comes back that triggers me. Pretty simple, but it’s not easy. At the end of the matter, it's about what matters most. Realizing what matters most, clarifying who I am, and to follow my North Star. In creating great relationships, I need to know what matters most to those that matter most. I need to choose to show up around what matters most and who those that matter most to me are. It's an amazing learning opportunity. It's an amazing opportunity to be fresh today and impact the moment right now. 
iM Bob