Checking In

What is the huge benefit to checking in daily, to quickly assess where am I? What's going on? How am I feeling? What's bubbling up? Some of it's real, and some of it's not. The check-in allows me to list everything that's going on. To find out what matters most, prioritize, organize, and focus on my top three things that are my top action items. And if it were up to me, what's going on. Not only to just help me to prioritize my things to do, but it helps me to eliminate some of the head trash. Often when I do my check-in and I list out a dread moment check-in, I list out a frustration or a fear. And as I write it down, often I realize that is not a frustration right now. Either it's gone, or it's not immediate. That is not a dread right now, it feels like it was, but it used to be. The big benefit to the check-in is to clear the head trash and to focus and prioritize and be exponentially productive. To clear the head trash allows me to be more creative, have more faith in freedom and flow, and ultimately productivity. Clear the head trash. 
iM Bob