Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Life is frustrating, disappointing, and often a drag.  As we are teaching kids about iMatter and flipping it, I don't want to be negative.  But the reality is, life usually doesn't go the way we think it should.  (As we have said before, we don't want to spit on ourselves.  It should be that way, they should do that, but beware of the verbiage. Please check Rules Of Engagement.) The reality is, often people don't do what they say, or do what I think they said, or do what I think they should do. Laugh.  So, while we are trying to teach, when we are teaching, there is disappointment and frustration in life.  People will let us down, at least from what we perceive they were committed to before.  The trick is what do we do with that?  If we think it's not going to happen, we're going to be sadly disappointed, which I think often happens with kids as they realize their coaches let them down, their teachers let them down, and their parents even let them down.  And again, it's not them letting them down, as much as letting them down from what they thought was going to happen.  So, we are setting the stage that there will be frustration and disappointment.  What do we do about it?  Take a second, take a deep breath, forgive them, forgive ourselves, it doesn't even have to be to them. It's just, if we know or if we knew what that person was going through at the time, either they forgot, they didn't realize they were committed to it, they didn't commit to it, then forgive them, forgive ourselves for that role, and move on.  If someone lets me down often, I don't want him or her around.  If it's once in a while, it happens, and I'm sure I've let other people down too.  But the reality is life is tough.  And it's those who know what matters most, know who they are, know why they're here, and are persistent, patient, and keep plugging away, it's going to work out.  The flip side of the frustration of life is as we're persistent, as we learn these lessons, as we are clear with our expectations, and we bring things to conclusion and not leave it out there, magic can and does happen.  Often the great stories of the people who have had wild success, it's when there was disappointment, frustration, another disappointment, another frustration, and they kept plugging, they learned, and they exhibited to themselves and the universe that they learned. That's when then the right person shows up, that's when the other person comes through, and that's when I come through.  Is life frustrating?  Absolutely.  Is it a great time to be alive?  Absolutely.  Flip it.  

I’m Coach Bob
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