Life Could Suck...If I Let It

Life could suck, if I let it.  I'm realizing more and more that as I'm getting my stuff together, becoming successful, and feeling successful, I have just as many angers, fears, and frustrations, disappointments, as I had before.  They don't go away.  I've mastered how to flip the anger, fear, and frustration, and it keeps coming.  I think the next lesson I'm learning right now is that it doesn't change, how I flip it does.  It doesn't mean the anger, fear, and frustration, and that feeling of it sucking goes away necessarily.  So, expedite the drama.  There will always be tension, anxiety, lost hope, but all you need to do is flip it.  Make today very productive; it's how I show up during these times of adversity that really shows who I am, and the universe recognizes that and gives me this great opportunity.  Not necessarily easy, and that's not necessarily what life is about.  It's taking the risks, living a bit on the edge, doing what we are here to do, to make a huge difference, to walk away saying awesome.  This great opportunity is a thing called life, especially living in these amazing times.  Welcome to the wisdom age.

I'm Coach Bob.
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