Bob's Pick: Outwitting the Devil



Bob's summary of Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

What is hell?
Being stuck, feeling trapped. Paralyzed to move forward. Huge doubt. Lack of hope, confidence, and creativity.
Hell is inside of us when this happens.

Is there a devil?
Maybe there is, maybe there isn't.
Fear is the biggest weapon the devil uses to stop us from following our heart. Using love.
The devil wins when we are stuck.

How do we break through?
1. Have a plan, a strategy, a road map. A path to our north star. Where are we going in our life. Why are we here.
2. Mindset - be positive. It's all going to work out. Don't let setbacks stop us.
3. Faith. Love. There is a reason for it all. Even the setbacks.
Through adversity is when we are tested the most. To move forward anyway. To believe, to know.
To trust life. Something greater than ourselves. Trust ourselves, our dreams.

Similar to Walsh, did he have a conversation with God? I don't know, but great things to ponder.

Bob Shenefelt
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