3 Reasons to Invest Time and Energy on Self-Improvement



“What am I doing here?”

Have you ever stopped to look at your life and asked yourself this question? During a particularly low point several years ago, I asked myself this, and I didn’t really have a good answer. I knew I needed to make some changes to find happiness and balance. As I searched for what mattered most to me, I created some simple tools to help me focus. I started to have a more positive mindset, and others noticed that the “new Bob” had a renewed sense of purpose and lots of energy. I realized the tools I developed for myself could also help others, and I discovered a new passion: helping others to get the life they really want. 

So based on my experiences, here are my top 3 reasons why you should invest time and energy on self-improvement:

1. To create a positive mindset

Self-improvement helps me to create a positive mindset, and when I’m feeling positive I’m more productive. Life throws a lot of things at me. Some situations create frustration and anxiety, but instead of wallowing in those uncomfortable feelings I learn to “flip” a struggle into a positive: I focus on the opportunities for growth, and then I’m able to spend my time wisely.

2. To create great relationships

As I am exploring self-improvement and personal development, I learn more about who I am and what is important to me. When I know who I am, I can then learn to share myself in a safe space with those around me. I can develop great relationships with my kids, my spouse, my clients and my community.

3. To feel fulfilled

As I start to know who I am and take this journey of self-improvement and personal development, I have a lot more peace, fulfillment and joy.  I'm present in the situation, as opposed to being worried about the future or regretting the past.

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I’m Bob Shenefelt and this is iMatter. Peace.