Gratitude is one of the most amazing tricks in the universe. I say trick because ultimately, deep down, I feel our society, our kids, have self worth issues. And even when there is gratitude, love and support given, I think sometimes people don't know how to even accept that, feel it, know it to realize they are not alone. In order to get something, I believe we have to give it. If I want love, I give love. If I want peace, I give peace. If I want gratitude, I give gratitude. And it's a practice. The new age we live in has a lot less structure with all of the freedom and being on 24/7. A trick, a key, a tool is to practice the act of giving gratitude. Helping our kids to practice. It's okay to say thank you. It's okay to tell them why they are appreciated and to learn from that. Just pay it forward. I believe we can change our world with a whole lot of gratitude. Send a token of gratitude to somebody today. Feel how good it is. I'm Bob Shenefelt and this is iMatter.