When have faith and limits occurred at the same time in your life?



The two words faith and limit seem to me wouldn't be in the same sentence.
Faith to me is an all knowing, a belief. Limits are places where things stop, structure, boundaries. Recently I had a conversation with my Dr. and the message was I need to accept that I have limits. I can only do so much. I cannot change the world by myself. I cannot do all of the things I did 30 years ago. And having faith that it's all going to work out anyway.

Having faith that I'm not alone and others are going to help. Knowing I can ask for help. Thank you for the aha that limits and faith do go together. It is the "and" that puts it over the top. It is the and that makes this the wisdom age and a great time to be alive.

I am Bob Shenefelt.
This is iMatter.
Peace, bob