Praying at Church



A lot of people talk about praying at church, praying to God. That is awesome. For me, it's more like having a conversation with something greater than myself, to say thank you, universe; thank you, God; Thank you, Dad; thank you, whoever is up there supporting me; thank you for being there. Also, for putting me in that conversation. Bob, thank you for being there. I believe we have a part and a say in who we are and what's coming next. Yes there is karma, yes there are destiny type things that I believe at least a small piece of that we actually help to create. Part of that is with that conversation I have with something greater than me. That could be love, that could be gratitude. I've often been asked what spirituality is to me. To me, it is a connection, it's to know I'm not alone. It's to have ultimate faith and yes, that gets tested a lot. Yet as I check in with myself and with all, there's a lot more peace and a lot more clarity. It's a great day to be alive.