Father's Day



As Father's Day approaches, I'm excited to spend the day with my kids, and at the same time very sad that my father is not around. This is the first Father's Day I've had without my father physically being here. It sucks. As we were talking about death with our kids last summer, I was explaining how Simba's father said to Simba, that he is actually there for him even if not physically, maybe even more now than in the past. He's there to remind Simba who he is. He's there to be confided in. He's watching down on him. He's helping create synchronicities. As I explained this to my 7 yr old Nicholas, he responded with, it's kind of like what Yoda did with Luke in Star Wars. And boy did he nail that. Yes, I'm sad my father is not here. Yes, I miss him tremendously. As I think and connect with him, he is an angel for me. He is there for me. He is smiling down on me. He is proud of me. I have become more of the man that my father taught me to be than ever before. And what that really means is I'm being myself. Using the values that my mother and father have given me. Using the things that they taught me. Dad, I miss you. I'm proud to be a Shenefelt. Mom, I'm so glad you are here and can't wait to see you on Sunday:)