A Bit of a Conundrum



I woke up early this morning in a bit of a conundrum. I'm very excited about the things that lie ahead, the day that's about to unfold and at the same time, I am very fearful. What if the things I'm working on aren't of value to people, aren't of value to me. What if I'm making a big mistake. On the other side, my gut has told me to do this for many years and its become clearer and clearer and the synchronicities have grown immensely. It's nearly magical, and yet there's this fear. How do I work through this conundrum. The iMatter mindset is to listen to the questions in my head, the conversation going in my head. Am I crazy for doing this, am I wasting my time, am I going to look like a fool, am I going to have to go take a job someday that I hate, are my parents going to be proud, is my wife going to be proud, are my kids going to be proud. The iMatter mindset is to take these am I's and flip it to I am when it matters most. How do I do that.

Step 1. Imagine. Imagine a bigger future, a greater future, where is my life taking me, what's my goal, how am I making a difference. My future is even greater than the past.

Step 2. Improve. I realize a lot of my fear are past mistakes that I've made or people that I've perceived have let me down. Take a deep breath. What have I learned, what boundaries can I set, who can I forgive for the past. Can I let that go. I forgive myself, smile.

Step 3. Impact. Now that I've looked forward and looked back, it is much easier for me to be present in this moment, impact this moment, impact those around me, impact my life. Be aware of the synchronicities to be aware of the magic that's happening in this moment right now.

After going through those three steps, I re-examined this conundrum. I don't know if people are going to be proud of me. I don't know if I'm going to make a difference. I don't know really what's going to happen but as I see the future and I'm not stuck in the past and I realize what matters most which is my community, my kids, making a difference in the world, a conundrum is paving the way. I am moving forward.