Nervousness as an inspiration



I recently made a decision to finally commit to a date for my long anticipated workshop.  At least long anticipated in my life.  I was nervous as I made this commitment to my team.  I needed materials, back-up, a website, and follow-up complete before I put myself out there.  I have benefitted by putting myself out there before, but not in a pay for play individual selling for the workshop.  I'm happy to report that I have flipped it.  I have flipped the nervousness to excitement.  As I went through the flip it exercise of imagining a greater future where two times a week I roll out of bed, walk, and facilitate, moderate, and coach 45 people through an amazing one day workshop that has already changed my world.  I love it, I'm great at it, and I know the value is there.  So I look forward to this if it were up to me imagining this greater future.
And now to sit with improving.  What emotions are coming up, again it's nervousness that I might fail.  And as I contemplate this deeply, I'm not nervous about how I'm going to show up, I'm not nervous about the value people are going to get, I'm not nervous that people are going to complain about it afterwards.  I'm nervous that I'll look desperate trying to sell myself.  Please come to my workshop, please give me money.  I was able to flip that too, but I don't want to sell myself.  Then I realized I don't need to sell myself.  I am promoting an amazing workshop, an amazing system.  I am promoting myself and I am a great moderator, facilitator, speaker, and coach.  What is the worst thing that can happen? No one shows up.  I read a great quote the other day, no one ever got mad because they gave it their all.  
What helped me to flip this is asking myself a question, what's the one thing I want for my kids?The answer came to me plain as day.  I want them to have the courage to follow their gut and to make a huge difference. What's the one thing I can do in the next five days to ensure that this will happen, and that was to lead by example. So what if nobody shows up. So what if the first one isn't a huge success. It will be a success because I had the courage to follow my gut, and in furthering myself down the path of making a huge difference. It may not be that I make a huge difference that day, but it's part of the process. I'm taking the long road. I have realized in the past that I didn't like the feeling of nervousness, and yet I'm learning that a lot of times it's anxiousness, excitement. I actually thrive in that. I am the most exponentially productive in that moment. So to flip the fear of the nervousness to the excitement of the anxiousness and to use the anxiousness is very cool.
I've looked forward, I've looked into the past and am now ready to impact this moment right now. To be proud that I have an amazing system to offer. Be proud to promote a system that works. Be proud to put myself out there as a moderator and facilitator and coach. Will they come, I think so. If they don't, I will keep plugging away. Be proud to be a professional. Be proud to have an impact on my day right now. Revel in it, let the creativity flow and not let the nervousness be a bottleneck or a block. It's a great time to be alive.  I'm Bob Shenefelt.  This is iMatter.