Use People



Use people? It may sound a little selfish or a bit abusive to talk about using people, but hear me out.  This isn't using people to my advantage and to their disadvantage.  It's using people to mirror the lessons I need. I use people by asking them for help. I use people by asking them to call me out when I'm not on my path of doing what I say I'm going to do.  And in return, I offer for you to use me.  Feel free to use me as a safe environment to ask for help.  Ask me or give me permission to call you out, when I don't see something happening.  Use me by trusting me enough to share your fears and your dreams with me.  Yes, using people may sound a little selfish.  Yet, the more people that I have a trusted, nurturing, face to face reciprocal relationships with, the stronger I become.  And, as a result, I am more able to help others.

I'm Bob Shenefelt.  

This is iMatter.


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