Five Minute Nap



I have never been able to get the desired eight hours of uninterrupted sleep I hear so much about. In the past, I would get upset because I would often wake up at 3:00 or 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. I might be thinking about things or have to go to the bathroom, and then my mind starts going, and I'm awake. I used to get mad and worried about being tired in the morning.  I would be frustrated that I couldn't sleep, and that I was thinking and exaggerating all of those things in my head. And then, I started to go with what was being given to me, and found that early in the morning is when my brain works really well. So, if I happened to wake up, I’d stop complaining and worrying about it.  Instead, I’d take advantage of it, and I would get stuff done.

I would do my thinking, do my writing, and then I would find myself dragging by 3:00 in the afternoon. I didn't have time, and didn't like how I felt if I took a real long nap. But sitting or lying on the couch or the floor for a short nap worked great. I just allow myself to close my eyes for five minutes. If I have to be up in 15 or 20 I'll set the alarm for that long. Then, I can let go, take a deep breath, clear my head, and not feel guilty about taking a five minute nap. I owe it to myself, I'm taking care of myself, I matter. 

It is said that Einstein used to take a nap in his chair in the middle of the day.  He would hold two steelobjects in his hands. When he finally would let go and relax, he would drop those two objects, which would wake him up. What I took away from that story is that it can take just a split second to relax and connect, and to release the stress and exhaustion. It's a huge energizer. I don't need a 30 to 45 minute nap, but to take 5 minutes for me is good for everyone around me.

 I’m Bob Shenefelt

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