Curse or Blessing?



Curse or blessing?  Which do you choose?  Which do I choose?  The other day, someone commented to me that they've had enough perceived bad luck lately, and that it almost seemed like there was a curse. When are things going to go right?   It got me thinking.  Recently, as often happens in life, there have been a few frustrating events.  My daughter didn't get a part in the play that she thought she would, I broke my hand, and we didn't get an account I thought we were going to get.

For a split second, I had the word and mentality in my head, is this a curse? am I cursed?  It's amazing how quickly that started to spiral in my head and with my thinking.  I did a quick check-in, a deep dive, put things into perspective, put things into context, and realized there's a fine line between blessed and cursed, and I believe a lot of that is a choice.

Yes, these things may not be happening the way I thought they would or wished they would, and yet as I see the silver lining and have faith and trust that things are going to work out, these are actually blessings. These are not necessarily things that take me off my path, off my north star.  It just may be different than how I thought I was going to get there. I do believe a lot of our attitude is a choice. This is another opportunity for me to make that choice.  I believe that outcomes ultimately are a blessing, a learning opportunity, and I choose to have the faith that it is so.

Bye, bye curse. Hello, life.

I'm Bob Shenefelt.

This is iMatter.