Positive World View



Marianne Williamson states, we can choose our world view.  If my world view is negative and that things are not going to work out, that's what is going to happen.  If my world view is positive, and I have faith to know things are going to work out, then they usually do.  The universe will prove us right.  What I put out, I get back.  It's a giant copy machine.  It's like a boomerang.  I put out that positive energy, that gratitude, that faith, that things are going to work out.  Maybe not the way I initially thought they would, but things will work out.  If I put out the attitude: why me?, then the universe is going to prove me right. 

I recently heard a great speaker, Dandapani, and he stated something which I've heard before, but perhaps in different words: “is where my attention goes, the energy flows.”  I feel this ties in with the world view that we choose.  If my attention is distracted or has a negative world view, again, that's what is created.  If my attention is focused on the person I'm talking to right then, my wife, my child, my client, and my intent and world view is positive, the energy I give and receive is escalated and taken to another level.  Where my attention goes, the energy flows. The universe will prove me right wherever and however I choose my attention and awareness.

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