One of the goals for many people in life is to ultimately retire.  So what does that mean?  It means I don't have to go to work, that I don't have to answer to anybody.  It means I'm free to do other things.  Dan Sullivan, a great teacher of many entrepreneurs talks about the “retirement trick”.  When I retire, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that.  I want time to do the “things” I want to do.  What I remember from Dan's lesson and exercise was to list out the “things”.  Once I'm retired I will get on some non-profit boards.  Once I'm retired, I will spend more time with my kids.  Once I retire, I will only do things that I love and I'm great at.  When I retire, I will have time to spend with my wife.  When I retire, I will take more time to take care of myself.  

The lesson that I learned from Dan was to start to do those things now, which will help me to retire even sooner.  I recently turned 50.  I decided to retire on my 50th birthday.  Does that mean I will not be calling clients?  Does that mean I will not be mentoring my employees?  Does that mean I will not be spending my great energy in leveraging my unique ability to increase my partner's shareholder value?  Absolutely not. Quite the opposite.  I may or may not be spending more time on those things.  I will be leveraging my unique ability, being creative, creating great relationships, having fun, and adding more value to my businesses and my life than ever before.  This coincides with the iMatter philosophy to realize what matters most, verify who I am, and to follow my north star.  And most importantly, to set up a structure where I adhere to that, which gives me freedom.  I'm excited to retire and be more productive than ever.