Life is tough.  Even when I have glimpses of what my soul is telling me to do, synchronicity is saying…”go this way, Bob.”  

It's amazing how often either people beat me down, don't understand my idea or don't support my idea…at least that's how I perceive it.  It’s incredible how often there is doubt out there, and how often I feel doubt inside.  As I have an idea or see an opportunity and I put it out there, I'm all excited.  If someone doesn't jump up and down and cheer and say “you go”, I’m often deflated and second-guess my choice, and want to stop that activity, that action, that movement.

In those moments, this is where perseverance kicks in.  In my life, even if I'm not cheered on every step of the way, I check in, I look around, I may readjust, I learn.  I look again at my north star and persevere, and keep pushing on.  At the end of my life, I want to be able to look at it and say, “I followed my dream, I followed my north star, I persevered, I didn't let the doubters or myself stop me from following my dream, and following synchronicities of life.”   Life and the universe throw obstacles in our way to test our belief in a cause, a movement, an action.  Perseverance is what helps me through that.  Some of the greatest things that have been done in the world, and that I’ve accomplished in my life have been through overcoming those doubts.  I have persevered and pushed through.