Realizing My Lifestyle.



I've heard it many times being a business owner…”what is the purpose of your business?”  Is it to make a difference in the world?  Is it to make a lot of money?  Is it to flip it?  Is it a lifestyle business?   I used to think a “lifestyle” business was like opening a Surf Shop, because I like to surf, so I’d have a business around my lifestyle.  I've realized recently that a lifestyle business can simply support my chosen lifestyle.  As I think about it, and talk with many people about that concept, the question comes up…what is my lifestyle?

My lifestyle is how I live my life, and what I choose to do.  I have found great joy and fulfillment in realizing what matters most, clarifying who I am, and following my North Star.  It has helped me to understand and appreciate what I want my life to be like, the things that I want to be doing, the things that I want to have time to do.  And, to me, the meaning of success has become that I am living a life the way I want to, the way I thrive, the way it gives me energy, the way I can make the most difference in the world.  

For me, my lifestyle is being there for my kids, being there for my company when they need me.  It also means living in my unique ability, my great gift, as often as possible, and, doing the things that I'm great at, love, and that really make a difference.

My lifestyle includes taking care of myself and my health, taking time to check in, breathe and relax.  My lifestyle includes quality time with my wife, who I adore and love, just being together, having a lunch date or a date night – not just on the weekend.  My lifestyle includes playing with my kids, not just lecturing them on being on time and doing their homework.  My lifestyle includes teaching and learning. So it isn't all just play, it's growing as an individual, as a couple, as a family, as a community.  Through this, I have found one of the greatest joys and feelings of accomplishments.  The feeling of success is realizing I am living a lifestyle that represents and leverages who I am.