Life is just a game.



As Prince says, life is just a game. Do you want to play? Don't take it too seriously. You learn: Be a great teammate. Give it my all. Lay it all on the line. Leave it all on the field. If I lose a game, but I gave it my best, I can still celebrate and enjoy that. If I win it's not the end of my life, and if I lose it's not the end of my life. Use every anger, fear, and frustration from losing as an opportunity to prove and exhibit to myself, and the universe and others, that I have learned this lesson.  And that I faced this hardship, faced this success. 

And what do all of these things demonstrate?

That is character. What is the character of our community? Who are we? How do we show up when times are tough? How do we show up when times are great? This new age is the age we live in. This wisdom age is an opportunity for me to be authentic and show up. I’m able to share the lessons that I'm here to learn, and to help others to learn, teach and share their own lessons. I'm modeling how to thrive in the wisdom age, not just financially and spiritually, but also through my healthy lifestyle, relationships, community, leadership, character, confidence, creativity, and communication. I used to think that as soon as I understand this concept, I can have a cool office, and I can create a ‘place to be’, to help others. As soon as I have more time, I'll be a great dad, and I'll be a great husband. I realize that the words ”as soon as” are a red flag. That means I am waiting for something. So it's okay to check in and acknowledge that feeling that…as soon as this, I will do these things or be those things, and then I will have that time and have that money. I don't want to get to that place of internalizing the concept of “do, in order to have”. I get that in my soul, spiritually, even intellectually. Yet when I'm charged and I'm frustrated, my support team gets lost. It’s amazing how human behavior focuses on the struggles. Just like Prince says, life is just a game. Do you want to play?