A Place To Be



Imagine walking through a community and there's a buzz and energy.  There's a good vibe coming from the streets and from the park.  And at the center of this is a space.  At the heart of the liveliness , there is a place.  At the root of it, there is a structure that helps ground a community.  It's a safe place - a habitat of sorts - to show up to have a great conversation, to create great relationships, to learn about health and well being.  Not only is it surviving but it is thriving in this new crazy age.  This place helps us get back to our roots, back to our sole, back to our core.  We are having fun, playing, and sharing together.

I want to evolve this place - using others to help me to do it - working and growing with and for the community.  Imagine a combination of aWisdom age coffee house, game room, and bookstore.  Imagine A Place to Be. It's a new world and it's time for that place. 

Peace, Bob