Doing Things Differently



Let's do it differently.  I recently had a tough decision to make, which I delayed for way too long.  I thought I was protecting someone from information that may be painful to them.  So I delayed it, hoping it would take care of itself.  It just kept coming back up.  It's difficult to tell a person potential bad news.

Sorting through the issues and hurdling the obstacles took time, introspection and thinking differently on my part.   I finally made the decision that I knew was right, albeit hard.  And so I did it differently this time.  I sat through the emotion, made the decision, plotted it out, followed my gut, and consulted with trusted people.  At the end of the day, I made a proposition and presented what I perceived could be bad news.  Rather than doing it out of fear, Iacted out of care and love.  Taking more time and giving more than I had to, set the tone for having a tough discussion while preserving a worthwhile relationship.  What could have been devastating turned out to be an opportunity.  What could have created turmoil turned into clear vision.  Society, negative examples of toughness, and past experience have groomed me to act out of fear, to react out of fear. 

But - it is a new world.  When we are conscience of our actions and do things in a positive and diverse light, the universe will hold it together and give back to us more than we imagined.  I choose to do things differently. I choose to do things out of love and not fear.