Time to Roll Along



Time to roll along.  Time to let go. I had to learn to forgive myself before I could let go of things or people.  Time to roll along with and from where I was being pissed at myself and stuck in that loop - of being mad at myself and then forgive myself - be mad, forgive.  Do I have what it takes to get out of this cyclical frustration?  Am I doing the same thing over and over again? Then, I think about those rat race experiences and see there's often still regret there.  I recognize I'm blaming myself for that.  Here I am again.  Yet, as I compare where I am to where I was , I am grateful for that growth.  I take the memories of regret and forgive...again. The world begins again. Time to roll along.  Roll along in dignity. Roll along as many times as it takes.  Allow others to roll along in the same way.  As I forgive myself, I like my story. Rolling along is actually very sweet.