Make a Difference Now



One of the greatest, age-old questions in life is that ultimately, did I make a difference? Did I do what I was here to do?  Did I have an impact?

I'm learning that the more I serve others, that question begins to get answered.    

It's great to donate my time at the soup kitchen.  Yes, it's great to go pick up garbage.  It’s easy to write a check.  Yet, my soul begins to be fulfilled when I reach into who I am and use my unique ability to help others.  It takes time to figure it out.  It is an effort to creatively use who I am to better the life of someone else.  Perhaps, tho, that is why it more fulfilling.

My unique ability is to help others create a structure for great relationships.  Everything we are involved with requires a relationship with others.  Business.  School.  Community.  Family.  How can we truly serve in those areas when we flounder with who we are?

In this new age, this wisdom age, where so many things are connected and things are happening at the speed of light,  it’s easy to lose sight of who you are.  Who are you?  What matters most to you?  Why are you here?  Take the time to figure it out(I can help), be creative in using it and then leverage it to change someone else’s day for good.  In the end you will change your day too.  In the very end, you will know you made a difference.