The inner voice



There is a conversation going on inside our heads at all times.  Why not be a part of it? 

Whether we know it or not, there is an inner voice within all of us.  It is chattering constantly.  That one asking you right now, what is he talking about, this is silly, this blog is a waste of my time, etc.

Often the voice is judgmental and questioning, about others and about ourselves.  Am I this or am I that?  Am I good enough, am I a good father, Will I ever be happy? If I let the voice constantly bicker and cut things down it can be somewhat depressing.

Rather than letting the inner voice dictate the tone and direction of the conversation, take some control.  Ask the questions yourself.  Listen and make decisions for yourself.  Take accountability and responsibility for what you are thinking and saying. 

Flip the conversation from am I this or am I that, to I am this and I am that.  Right now.  I am good enough.  I am a good father.  I am happy. 

Often we believe what the voice is saying, why not have it be positive.

So if there is a conversation happening, be a part of it? 

Don't let it be a one way conversation.