I am here to teach what I am here to learn.



One of the great lessons of life is that what we are here to teach, we also need to learn.  The irony is that what I am great at and the message I am here to deliver, I have to pluck and figure out as do all of us.  So, I find it interesting that what pulled me out from sitting on the sideline of life 12 years ago was that I got so excited about it and created a simple process for myself that works.  I then tried to turn it into a business to help a lot of people, which many have claimed that it does work.  In the past I have been stressed out about it, I would over-think it and then I would realize that I need it more than anybody.  It starts at the base of the ladder and I started to reconnect with the spirit and strengthen my health.  The bottom two rungs are the foundation of the ladder and I am here to teach it and I absolutely need to learn it and live it and practice it every day.