Work / Life Balance - by Bob Shenefelt



I had a realization today that I am a workaholic.  I did not realize this in the past, because, to me, a workaholic did not see their family, did not take time for themselves, and typically did not enjoy their work.

In my case, I make sure I spend time with my family and I do take time for myself.  In addition to that, I love my work.  I am able to incorporate my family life into my work life.  So, it was a big ah-ha and a realization that I do love to work, be at the office and work with clients.  I am addicted to getting stuff done and seeing progress.  I am so grateful I have the iMatter structure that allows me to take the time to check in each day on what matters most, who I am, why am I here and schedule my time accordingly.