MCC Birthday Bash - what I learned can help your business - Blog post from Mike McClure, Partner at Yaffe and networking guy


Blending your personal & professional life. The first speaker I saw was Bob Shenefelt of I Matter. He was sort of a modern day spirit guide for working souls lost in the digital age. It wasn't a bunch of guru mumbo-jumbo. It was stuff that really made sense in today's over-connected, always-on world. I may have learned more things I can use for business in other presentations, but his was the one I enjoyed the best. The official title of his talk was "Welcome to the Age of Wisdom" but it was really all about how to blend all aspects of you life into a harmonious middle ground. A place where it's okay to play a little at work and work a little at play. He talked about the old way of life kept work and home lives very separate. Now, with digital and mobile technology always keeping us plugged in, it's hard to make a distinction and to find time for just ourselves. It was a 10-minute balm for the workaholic soul.