Have Perspective, Live Without Regret



I am 46, and I don't regret a lot. In life, it is important to have perspectives, to put things in context. The stress or drama that we as humans create each day is overwhelming and is a big deal to us at that
moment. Take a deep breath; check in. In the grand scheme of things, how big of a deal is your issue? If it isn't big, let it go. If it is, knock it out and move on, learn the lesson. Many people who are 46 or in middle age think the stress, drama, issues could be the mid-life crisis kind of a thing: "I'm now middle-aged, I'm not going to get better and, oh my God, I wasted my life." What is a mid-life crisis? Do we have to create huge drama to learn from it? Why do we have to go through such drama to then realize what is wrong?

"The Ladder" is really who we are. That "Ladder" is what I carry around with me. "The Ladder: is ourselves, and we have to figure out ourselves before we figure out which "wall" to place the ladder on. When I don’t know myself, I don’t know where to place my ladder, and I could get in so deep that I can’t get out. It's never too late to think about the things that we were regretting.  If, in fact, it is still an issue, do something about it. If not, let it go. Forgive yourself, forgive others. You are who you are. You can choose to make a difference every day.