Sales in the Wisdom Age: Be a Successful Salesperson in Today's World



We are in the Wisdom Age (even if it may not always feel like it).

Welcome to it!

Sales is about having and creating relationships, having conversations with clients, prospects, vendors, keeping up on the industry scuttlebutt and trends. The value we can add as salespeople is to listen and learn, see patterns and trends, be facilitators of understanding, and realize and express that value in the form of paying money for your services. There's nothing better than, as a salesperson, to have a paying client and get paid a lot for that satisfied client.

How can I add value, so the client wakes up often and says, "Wow, how did I get a vendor like Bob? How did I get a company like his? And I want to give them not only more business, but to spread the word about how great he is as a person, and how he listens and reacts and moves forward." Being a salesperson does not mean saying yes to everything. It's good to say “yes” to trying new things, to communicate, to be the liaison between the vendor, the client and the company. It's good to focus on customer service – not to oversell, not to overpromise. Not to say “yes” to everything the customer has to ask. I deem this idea as, "Let's be honest." Let's be honest. Where are you going with the client? Where are you going, Mr. Vendor? How can I help as the salesperson? We as salespeople are charismatic, have good listening skills, but usually don't use those listening skills. Often, we salespeople talk instead of truly listening.

Today in the Wisdom Age, the role of salesperson is to listen and communicate, look for patterns and trends, be empathetic, spend time understanding clients and be real. Let's be honest – this is selling in the Wisdom Age.