Lesson of the Day: Use Relationships



A business venture I undertook last winter felt as if it would nearly killed me. I was checked out. I was out of balance and not focused on what matters most.

I have remembered to check-in. Use the genius of relationships. Realize it's teach, practice, learn. I was teaching and stopped. Now I'm practicing while teaching, and I'm learning and exhibiting to myself and others that I am learning.  

Use relationships. Using relationships is about being honest and open to receiving honesty. Similar to the book “The Little Soul and the Sun” by Neale Donald Walsch, we are here to teach those we are closest to amazing lessons. Testing a relationship is not meant to be done in a hurtful way but is about being honest, open, raw. A lot of people tip-toe around one another. And sometimes it is not easy to teach these lessons, and sometimes it can hurt. Set the boundaries. Ask for help. Create and use safe space. Ask for what you want. Use and practice iMatter.  

The universe answers the unanswered Am I question. Ask the burning question. If I don't even know what the question is, how am I going to get an answer? Answer the question for myself. If it were up to me, what would I do? Does it matter most? If yes, put a plan in and act on it. If it doesn't matter, then move on. Let it go. Surrender. Forgive.  

Be it, so it will be done.