Why Therapy?



Who needs a therapist when you have great friends and great relationships?  We pay money to have someone sit and listen to what we're saying.  To what end? For starters, we get to hear ourselves talk, which leads to understanding what the inner dialogue is, the frustrations, the dreads, the ah-has, the negative or positive thoughts. And, as we hear ourselves, we come to realizations, and the listener is a mirror and a presence. 

Why not create friendships to have these conversations and eliminate the therapy?  What a concept, right?  Better yet, develop a group of people, a peer group, a tribe, where one can share these keys to growth; anger, fear and frustration.  The key to a great relationship is to have some structure around it where everyone feels heard and has a safe space for everyone to talk. Try it.  Set the boundaries and grow from it. Practice the tools of having a great relationship; confidentiality, listening, safe space, speaking from the I. These skills help us in those fiery, deep times, in which our experience and/or the lesson can be lost if the people involved are caught up in the emotion and drama.  So, to practice having a great relationship with someone else helps create the ultimate relationship which is our relationship with ourselves. 

So let's eliminate therapy, use friends, know who we are, realize what matters the most, and be happy.  Cheers to great friends.