Leave It Better Than You Found It



I love the philosophy to leave things better than we found it whether it be my home, my community or my office space. Every interaction I have with people where I am welcomed into someone's life or their home or their office, to respect that time and energy and consideration means to honor that with replacing things and cleaning up after myself. That way, when people sit down and look at their space or look at the time spent with me they say “Wow, that was really worth my while and I really appreciate Bob taking the time to meet with me. Even more important than that may be the follow-up, he cleaned up after himself, not only replaced the things he used but replaced them with even more of it or even higher quality in some things.”  This helps to grow the ultimate relationship where a person can then say, “I am really, really glad that I could help.” Not that those relationships and encounters should ever be about gaining something in return every time, but then there is a level of return that each person experiences upon reflection. That inspires both parties to say, “How can I help again?”  


Leave things better than you found them.